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About Us


Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Mobile Equality is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community of Mobile, Alabama. We are currently working towards passing a comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance in the City of Mobile. Get to know our team.

Our Coalition Members

  1. ACLU of Alabama
  2. OpenTable: United Church of Christ
  3. USA Spectrum
  4. USA Students 4 Equality
  5. USA College Democrats
  6. USA Secular Student Alliance

Why Our Organization Is Needed

Under state, federal and local law, it is legal in the City of Mobile:

  • For an employer to refuse to hire, fire, or demote an employee for being transgender
  • For a college or a university to deny admission to a student for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual
  • For a housing agency or real estate agent to refuse to rent to a same-sex couple
  • For a business to refuse service to someone based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, whatever it may be

What Our Ordinance Would Do

Our proposed comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in employment, education, housing, and places of public accommodation operating within the City of Mobile.